sweven: a blog for the lost, the dreaming, and the hungry.



noun, Archaic. a vision; dream.

I always have been a dreamer. I think that’s probably a pre-requisite to being in your 20s, although I feel like I particularly suffer from the inability to focus on anything responsible. Or important. Or mandated by law.

My “About” page says a lot about what kind of ramblings this blog will contain, but I’ll get into a bit here for the sake of creating an official first post (yay?). 

I’m Nola. I am in my late 20-somethings and I have been a young professional in what I will refer to as The Profession since I was in my early 20-somethings. I don’t particularly enjoy The Profession, and that causes me stress. I have gained over 80 pounds and $30,000 of completely useless debt in 5 years. I am a sarcastic, snarky woman who changes her mind about everything in life as often as I change my hair color, which is somewhat often but is usually done in an impulsive way with no particular thought as to whether it will look good or be financially feasible (these are themes in my life, as you’ll see).

I have horrible fashion sense and would like to develop a style that is more “this season” than “oh god, I know you’ve worn that shirt 3 times this week, and look, there are cat claw holes in the sides”.

Yes, I have cats. Two of them. The Lanky Noodle Cat and The Idiot Mastermind Cat (credit to Hyperbole and a Half for the pet naming conventions).

I want a different life. This is not to say I have a bad life. I have lived in my hometown (“homecity” I guess would be more accurate) since birth. I have excellent if not sometimes overly conventional parents. They have a dog, and he’s neat. I have good friends, although I have recently lost some friends to the normal 20-somethings friend pitfalls – growing apart, learning that sometimes your “lifelong” friends are, under the surface, not actually that nice to be around, etc. I have not wanted for anything in my life, necessity-wise, and I certainly do not have much to complain about that isn’t my own doing.

I desperately want to try living away. In a big city, like New York or Chicago. Or Portland. Or San Francisco. Anywhere else, really. Even if it crashes and burns for me.

And I’d like to leave The Profession, or at least the area of The Profession that I am in. I would like to try something new, to re-train, to learn, and maybe to even have the balls (figure of speech – or is it? It is.) to do something artistic. Since my talent for drawing is restricted to lewd stick figures and my musical talent is average but nothing above that, I would be looking towards writing. Because no one ever has done that, or so I hear. On the internet.

I like the idea of exploring a future, facing into the abyss of the 30th year, while sharing my snark with other kindred souls on a blog. I hope you enjoy it, or at least enjoy laughing at me (I do it all the time, and I highly recommend it).



At some point I promise to update the look of the blog and make it a bit more personalized. I’ll have to break out my camera and see if I can’t find something pleasing to shoot. 


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