Hi. I’m Nola.

I am a late-20-something Gen-Y-er who is pretty much lost. I’ve managed to mess up an impressive number of areas in my life over the course of my 20s, and have now embarked on the true start of a quarter-life crisis: the blog. I started this blog to chronicle my (what will undoubtedly be) feeble attempts to mend the areas of my life that, in many ways, have likely been damaged to a critical point by my foolishness. And, like so many others of my generation, to hear my own voice (metaphorically speaking) while trying to figure out just what the hell I am even here to do.

By way of background, I am a woman who chose, for some reason that has long since eluded me, to enter into a profession very young. To prove I was smart. I guess. Now I don’t particularly enjoy The Profession and am attempting to determine what my next move will be, career wise.

I am also a woman who has gained more than 80 lbs in 5 years. I’d call that a feat. Or an abomination. Or an insatiable love for Big Macs. Choose your own adventure, really.

I am also a woman who has buried herself into over $30,000 of personal debt in 5 years. Again, you can view this from several angles and come up with your own personal judgment, but I choose to think of it as an indication of my joyous and carefree spirit. Plus, think of how many pubs, airlines, and fast food servers I have single-handedly supported throughout the years. I call that philanthropy.

I am also a woman who has failed, throughout all my years, to learn a single thing about fashion or style. I am what you could call a “good ole’ jeans and t-shirt kind of gal”, except that is far less fetching when you are fat. And you don’t replace the jeans or the t-shirt until they replace themselves by disintegrating from years of (mis)use. I do wear makeup and suppose I could be called pretty, but jewellry and anything else have pretty much eluded my understanding.

I am also a woman who has struggled with what at times becomes crippling depression since my teenaged years. I was only diagnosed in my early 20s and have struggled since then to really understand what it even means and how to stop it from devouring entire days like quicksand.

I have lived in the same city my whole life and dream to move to somewhere new, such as New York or Chicago. I want to re-train myself to take on a new profession and leave The Profession, but don’t have the money.

Also, single. I think that goes without saying.

Join me as I lumber and stumble my way through my remaining pre-30 years to see if I can make progress in any of these areas. If anything, I think it will be good for a laugh.


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